Saturday, May 4, 2013

Your Floor Drain Cover could be the Culprit

It is really important that places like our bathroom or areas in our house inside or outside especially when water maybe present all the time, should be installed with proper floor drain covers.  These drain covers will allow water to drain but keeps larger materials from entering the floor drain.  Let's take for instance our shower room has no floor drain cover or it wasn't installed properly how annoying could it be. A floor that is always wet can get moldy, dirty and slippery. It is just like having a sink in the bathroom that clogged up how frustrated it can be especially when you try to brush your teeth or wash your face and the water doesn't drain because your drain cover doesn't really stop larger and unwanted  materials from getting into your drain and over time it clogged up the drain pipe.  

Well, if you are wanting to replace your drain cover because your not happy with it. There are places where you can buy different sizes of these drain covers and have somebody installs it for you or you can do it yourself.  Just make sure that the cover is a perfect fit and it is being installed correctly and properly.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spend Your Money Wisely

     Many people around the globe, even here in America, are struggling to make ends meet. Job availability is scarce these days. There are many ways people are considering in order to save money as much as they can. Some people have to give up the things that they love doing, like going on a vacation, in order to use the money for more important things than traveling.  Some people like myself love to look for good deals and discounted products. I even cut and collect coupons to save money. Although we want to save money, there are many things around the house that we have to buy because we need them.  Before we will go to the store to buy these essential items, it would be smart if we would check goedekers first because they sell a wide variety of discounted products. 

      It is really hard without enough money to pay the bills.  It can give you headaches and stress.  I know how it feels because I have experienced it. There were so many nights that my father, me and my siblings had to go to bed on an empty stomach.  I cried silently and kept assuring myself that someday it will be much better.

      Although I am now here in the US and life is much better for me, I learned from my husband that saving money is very important.  Saving doesn't mean depriving yourself from the things you love but instead it means just being smarter when buying things. If you don't need it don't buy it. Our lives should not revolve around money but we should be cautious of where and how we should spend it.  

On Our Way To Yellowstone

       I'm very fortunate that my husband and I love to take short trips and both of us have the same interest where we should go.  We mostly visited national parks, state parks and places away from big and crowded cities. 

      My husband is a commercial and landscape photographer. Most of these places that we visited had beautiful, natural landscape that my husband photographed to add to his portfolio.  Sometimes, we had to camp using our tent in order for my husband to capture that best shot.  According to him, the best moment to take photographs for these natural beauty is before sunrise and right after sunset.  Since I had witnessed and see many of his shots, I do agree when that best moment to capture these images.  
      This photo is owned by my husband. No one is allowed to grab this photo without our permission.

It was probably two years ago and it was not even winter when we went to Yellowstone National Park.  We had to fly to save us time because I had only a week to spend for my vacation from work. The plane landed in Idaho Falls and right there we rented a car and drove to Yellowstone.  Since it was in late afternoon when we left the car rental place, we decided to camp for the night in one of the campground on the way to Yellowstone. Since it was already planned that we had to camp every other day for the course of our trip, we brought with us our tent, sleeping bags, hand and foot warmers and extra clothes for the cold days and nights. I sworn the first night we camped, it was probably the coldest I ever felt in  my entire life.  It felt like I was inside the freezer and it was turn on to its maximum capacity. No wonder while I was looking around the campground before we set up our tent for the night, all other campers had their own trailer.  How I wished at that very moment we had our own trailer as well.  I was jealous of other campers because I saw some of them gathering around a campfire and drinking probably coffee and I bet they had a nice comfortable and better slept than us.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Protect Yourself by Dressing Appropriately

     When you go on a vacation it is very important to always expect the unexpected. This is what I've learned from going on several trips with my husband here around the US.  Since my husband and I prefer to go on a trip to places where there are few people and most of these people are tourist as well like us, having extra clothing that is comfortable yet will keep you warm but not as heavy to wear as a jacket and not as a lightweight as shirt like the patagonia vests here are your best bet to keep the chill-out.

      Knowing the weather to places where you're going will help you plan ahead on what to wear and what kind of clothing to bring. This will ensure that you're protected from the cold or the heat and any health issues can be avoided just what had happened to my husband when he went to one of his trips in Utah. He had a hypothermia, a condition of having an abnormally low body temperature which is very dangerous if you don't dress appropriately when the weather is cold. If you have this condition, you may have difficulty is speaking, sluggish thinking, numbness in your hands, shivering or even amnesia start to appear.

Rest Area

       One thing that I find it very helpful especially to drivers who drove long distances are the Rest Areas along interstate highways. Rest Area is a roadside area with public facilities such us restrooms, benches and tables where drivers and passengers can rest, eat or even refuel without existing on to secondary roads.

      These rest areas have even trash cans where you can throw your trash. Just follow the signs. If the trash cans say for recycles only, you should throw only the recyclable trash you have.

      This rest area (whom I can't remember where it's located has a designated place for your pets to do his/her duties.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

First Party Using A Live Band

       When I was in college I always looked forward for the parties we had in school. We usually had parties for at least twice a year. The administrator of our school will sometimes rented sound systems and sometimes they will use the school-owned sound systems. But one time we were surprised our school hired a local band to play for the party.  Since I was one of the working student in our school, I was able to see the musical instruments the band were going to use beforehand because we're helping the assigned teachers to decorate the venue of the party.

       Way back then I had very limited knowledge when it comes to musical instruments. I didn't have any clue what kind of guitars, drum and keyboard the band were using even though I like music.  Even if they used the hammond sk1 organ I would never had any idea because at that very moment my attention was fully occupied to dance and had fun with my classmates and schoolmates. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

McKinley Park Rose Garden (Sacramento, CA)

The picture was taken few months ago when we went on a one-week road trip. For a week we went to all these places,  Alabama Hills, Lake Tahoe, Napa Valley, Sacramento and Big Sur.

I was mesmerized by these different kind of roses. They're so pretty and captivating. You will love to just hang out in this place. How I wish I have a green thumb for roses. Unfortunately, all the roses I had planted died. Well, glad to see a place like this. It makes me happy.